Thursday, June 6, 2013

Meaningful tasks

Meaningful Tasks

     They are a major tool for promoting learning. When the tasks are appropiate students are more likely to be motivated to engage in the learning process. These assignments stimulate students reflection and they encourage students to link new ideas and experiences.
Meaningful  tasks serve as the link between instruction and learning. They may be adjusted to meet students needs.
By designing appropiate tasks based on students needs, teachers facilitate learning.
By considering the type of tasks, teachers are also able to individualize learning differences.
By understanding our students levels, teachers are able to use tasks as a component of effective learning.

These are some examples :

*Videoconference about Celiac Disease

* Preparing a healthy sandwich and a delicous fruit salad and describing them.

*Talk about plants. 3rd Formers explain us about what plants need to grow well.

* Food Rainbow.